Make a Change

You are who you choose to become

You may know what changes you wish to make.  You may be aware of the difficulties you have struggled with for some time, such as low mood, anxiety, phobias, panic, OCD,  anger, relationship difficulties, adjustment difficulties, low self-esteem, adverse childhood experiences and their effects, unprocessed experience of loss (including loss of meaning), addictions and/or similar difficulties.  You might have even had some therapy for these issues, but have found change difficult to sustain or feel that life has lost its lustre since.

The Programme would also be suitable if you are not sure what changes you need to make.  Maybe you are just feeling flat, stuck, tired, out of kilter with yourself and those around you. You want to move forward with your life – find inspiration, motivation and energy to discover and pursue directions to give your life sense of purpose and meaning.

You are welcome to book a no-obligation, free, 20-minute telephone consultation so that we can talk through whether the Programme could be helpful for you.

Designed for you

Stage 1.  Free 20-minute telephone Consultation: this helps me understand the difficulties you have and what you hope to achieve through working with me and get a quick sense whether the type of help I offer would be suitable for you.  If not, I will do my best to advise you what other support I believe maybe more appropriate for you.

Stage 2.  if we both feel happy to go forward, we book a face-to-face Initial Consultation (£20) where we can talk in more depth about what is needed and how we can work together to achieve it.  I offer a number of options depending on your needs and resources.

Stage 3.  The options include:

Face-to-face psychotherapy (please see below on my approach)

Combination of face-to-face psychotherapy and online/skype/telephone contact in between face-to-face sessions

Online/skype/telephone package: it costs £100 pcm and it includes four therapeutic contacts in a month plus directed self-therapy materials.  These are selected especially for you on the basis of your needs, preferences and how much time you have to interact with the work.

I send you the materials, you engage with the work, building new understandings and habits.  We are in contact at the same time each week (where possible), discussing your progress, building our understanding and agreeing the work for next week.  The work you do helps to re-wire your brain to build new connections and you learn new skills to become your own therapist.  My job is to use my therapeutic experience to select the tools that would be most helpful and interesting for you to use, keep you motivated on the journey of change and support you through any difficulties you may encounter on that journey.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a FREE no-obligation 20-minute telephone consultation to discuss whether the Good Life Psychology Programme would suitable for you.

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